I’m Still Here

(C) Michelle T Mueller

(C) Michelle T Mueller

Every day I think of possible blog topics or I see something interesting and think, I should write a post about that.

And then I don’t . . .

BUT I suppose there’s never a time like the present to pick up where I left off (however many months ago) with my writing here.

The truth is I’ve been in a bit of a life funk. And as life funks are prone to doing, this one has carried over to my writing. In some ways, it may have helped. Lately I’ve started feeling a sense of urgency about my work — about finishing my novel — that wasn’t there before. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older (yeah, yeah I realize 25 is not old—but it’s not 18 anymore either!) or maybe it’s because I had my entire way of life swept out from under my feet in just two months. But I feel like now is the time for me to do something with words.

In the past two months I have traveled back and forth to the States, broken up with my boyfriend of 3.5 years, moved out of my apartment into a temporary one (that doesn’t exactly feel like home), worked on acquiring a job (or two), and finished and defended my master’s thesis. Writing on the internet just wasn’t the outlet I needed, and thus I have been a rather inefficient blogger.

However, the silver lining with all these changes is that I have a lot of freedom now — and the horizon is clear. Basically I can do whatever I want. Travel, move, finally try to stake out a career in editing. WRITE.

Things could be worse.

So, though I don’t like sharing personal life details too much, I figured I’d explain why I’ve seemingly wandered off the blogosphere. (If anyone remotely cares.)

But I am here. Still attempting to make sense of my strange, ever-changing world through words. Still searching for poetry. Still writing.

I am here, and I am moving forward.