Finding a Freelance Editor: Types of Fiction Edits

The Sarcastic Muse

Finding a Freelance Editor: Types of Freelance EditsFinding a freelance editor for your novel requires research, and as I said in my post a few weeks ago, one of the ways you can narrow down your options is to know which kind of edit you’re looking for. However, different people use different terms for different kinds of edits, so I’ll try to give you the most accurate portrayal of editing types as I can.

Manuscript Assessment/Developmental Edit

A developmental editor’s primary job is to give the author a general assessment of his/her story. Instead of giving focused comments on particular passages, the developmental editor will typically type up a packet of notes in which he/she will point out the strengths and weakness of the plot, characters, and overall language use, and then offer some advice for reworking these areas.

Rewriting sections or the entire manuscript may be necessary. Good, critical beta readers can provide the same kind…

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