Writing Fluid Fiction: How To Use Italics

The Sarcastic Muse

I’ve put on my editing hat before: breaking down the difference between passive and active voice, discussing grammatical aspect (the progressive and perfect forms of verbs), and I’ve even given an overview of good and bad repetition. Today I’d like to discuss a topic I don’t read about too often: how to use italicized text effectively in your writing.

Writing Fluid Fiction: How to Use Italics This is what an overkill of italics looks like to an editor.

I see the overuse of italics most often in novels that are supposed to be from the third-person limited POV. Newer writers may rely on  first-person internal monologues because they have not yet mastered the voice of their character or because they do not fully understand how to write from a tight third-person POV. But as a rule, in stories written from the third-person limited POV, unspoken discourse does not require (and in fact should not…

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