Book Giveaway! Win a Copy of Shadows Wake!

swfinalDo you like free books? (I mean, who doesn’t like winning free stuff?) Do you like stories with secrets? Stories with characters that resonate? Native American lore? Well then you’re in luck!

In four days, Robyn LaRue will give away five copies of Shadows Wake, a coming-of-age YA novel set in 1950s northern California with a supernatural twist.

All you have to do is click here and enter the giveaway. Two minutes of your time for the chance to win a great book!

What’s it about?

A Native American legend. A small town in the grip of a haunting secret . . .

Now that the old bear is dead, not even rumors of toxic gas can keep sixteen-year-old Lillian Pratt from exploring the abandoned mine.

Lillian and three classmates find themselves drawn to the mountain and the secrets it holds. But an ancient evil is awakening. A shadow is stretching over the town, plaguing the citizens with nightmares and fear.

In order to make sense of the town’s history as well as her own, Lillian must learn to trust her new friends, her first love, and confront her family’s past. Will she find the strength to overcome the darkness, or will she lose everything she’s come to love?

What are people saying?

“This novel is a coming of age story that leaves a reader well satisfied.”

“I have recommended this book as a read in my Facebook book club.”

“Good writing by a new and coming author.”

“Robyn LaRue has eloquently scripted Lillian’s journey . . .”

And if you’re a visual person, here’s the video trailer for it:


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