The Freelance Editor Dilemma: Hiring a Good One

The Sarcastic Muse

Winter Bayne recently did a post about available freelance editors and kindly mentioned me. At this point, I’m well aware that writers have different views on hiring editors for their work. However, once you choose to find an editor, then some amount of research will inevitably be necessary.

So where can you find freelance editors?

These days, every writer and his mother seems to have an “editor” sign over the door, but are they trustworthy and capable?

The Freelance Editor Dilemme: Hiring a Good OneOne of the first places I’d start looking is the Editorial Freelancers Association. If an editor is remotely serious about editing, then the $145 a year membership fee is a price worth paying. In addition to offering editorial webinars and other continuing education classes, they have sample contracts, price ranges, and a wealth of other useful information. By finding an editor who has willingly paid that fee and invested in those services…

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