My First Publication: Midnight Runnels in my Hands

A few months ago, I mentioned that my first publication was at hand. That I’d somehow, miraculously, managed to send out my prose poem, and likewise managed to get it accepted. The lucky midnight gods were on my side, for once, it seems. So, anyway . . .

Proof that I'm not making all this up.

Proof that I’m not making all this up: Midnight Runnels by Michelle Mueller

When my parents came to visit me, they brought along one of the free copies I received from the literary magazine, Sheepshead Review, for the publication of said poem. (I think my mom kept the other one to go around at work and say, “LOOK, look what my daughter did.”) Imagine my surprise to see that I was on page number 3, that my little Estonian sock-inspired poem, Midnight Runnels, was the first entry in the entire magazine. (I was still trying to figure out why my name was there at all, to be honest.)

This publication is by no means a huge thing. Only a handful of people will read it (probably mostly my mother’s coworkers). Probably only a minimal amount of them will actually like it.

One small step for publishing, but one great big leap for me. Because I’ve finally gotten my name out there: Michelle Mueller, but-I’m-not-a-poet extraordinaire. I’ve finally grabbed the elusive literary bull by those sharp and deadly horns and taken on my own voice. I’ve finally started redefining my growth as a writer, pushing myself to believe I have something worthwhile to say and, more importantly, something worth sharing.

So yes, in the publishing world, I’ve gone baby steps, maybe. But baby steps are the beginning of what may grow into big kid successes. You’ve gotta swim in the kiddie pool first before you get to dive into the deep end, after all.

Write on, friends.


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