Is Co-authorship Worth It?

The Sarcastic Muse

Perhaps this is a naïve blog post, but I’m curious to know how both readers and writers approach multi-authored novels. A co-authored novel is, as the name suggests, a novel with two authors (multi-authored would thus be greater than two). I’ve seen them in just about every genre. I’ve read a couple, too. They were generally laid-back, rather simple stories to begin with, but I’m not sure if that was due to co-authorship, genre, or just overall mediocre writing. I suppose there are two sides to this coin: from the writing perspective and from the reading perspective, so I’d like to delve into that here.

Writing a Collaborative Novel:

Coauthorship Image: Morguefile

It seems I really have more questions than answers when it comes to co-authorship. I’m a soloist for just about everything in life, so when I start considering the prospect of a collaborative writing project, I tend to…

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