Five Tips for Naming Characters


Image: Morguefile

Today’s Sarcastic Muse post is about naming characters. This is, admittedly, one of my favorite parts of the initial drafting process. I usually won’t even start a novel until I know what to call my characters.

How do you choose the names? Do you put a lot of thought into it, or do you choose the first names that come to mind? Do you have any name preferences or naming habits?

Read today’s post and let me know your process!

Five Tips for Naming Characters


2 thoughts on “Five Tips for Naming Characters

  1. Thank you for the thoughts on names on your post on The Sarcastic Muse. I actually struggle with names when I write (I am not only a photographer). It’s almost painful at times, exactly because I want to a name that relates to the character. But what if I am wrong? When names have been picked the rest of the plotting goes much easier.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment! I understand how you feel. I spend hours and hours trying to find the perfect name sometimes. Do your characters ever “tell” you what their names are? Sometimes I think I choose the names, but other times I think they are choosing them . . .

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