Stepping into the New Year

In terms of writing, though sometimes it feels like I’ve accomplished very little, 2013 has actually been one of my most prolific writing years in a quite a while. In February, I started my current novel—I’m now up to thirty thousand words—and met my writer’s group. I’ve managed to get some research done for my Master’s thesis; I presented that research to my peers (in Estonian) during the most frightening half hour of my entire life. I have survived three full semesters of my Master’s degree. So, now, at the end of the year, I guess it’s time to start looking ahead again.

I am somewhat wary of writing down “goals” of any kind, but at least writing goals are something I can actively work to fulfill. So, after some amount of deliberation, I’ve decided what my goals are for the following year in terms of my academic/writing career (which are sometimes more or less the same):

–         Become a more proficient speaker of Estonian

–         Get one of my short stories accepted for publication

–         Write my Master’s thesis

–         Finish something – whether it be a novel or a new short story or a novella

–         Read and review at least twenty novels not related to my research

–         Write consistently for this blog


So there you have it. My goals for 2014.

On that note, I hear the fireworks already. To all of you who have your own goals to fulfill, I wish you all the best of luck and a Happy New Year. I’m going to go sit on the roof and drink merrily to a new year, new resolutions, and new friends. See you all on the other side.


The Creativity of a Logically-Minded Writer

Writing styles vary from person to person. What happens when my INTJ perfectionism and the creativity of my writerly mind combine? Weird things. Absurd things. Frustrating things. You know — all the normal writing type things. Anyone else have problems with perfectionism?

Here is my (bi?)monthly post over at The Sarcastic Muse if you’re interested in reading the rest of it. Feel free to comment!

The Creativity of a Logically-Minded Writer